Kuching Trunk Sale

Kuching Trunk Sale was initiated by The Filmmakers Company  in April 2016. The first event was saw 25 cars joining in as 'Trunkers' to sell their preloved items. The feedback was so encouraging that another one was held not long after that in July, at Emart Batu Kawa. Through these Trunk Sale events, the team has been steadily working towards creating a platform for people to sell their pre-loved items in a fun and unique way. Ultimately, the Trunk Sale event is aimed at building an urban culture where people could connect with each other through shared interest and taste in everyday items.


Discover great bargains

Another (wo)man's junk is another (wo)man's treasure! With the number of pre-owned items that will be let go, you might just find a deal you can't forget. There's always something for everyone.

Meet your future friends

Trunk Sale is an event that's based around people with a wide range of interests and hobbies. If you find something you like, strike up a conversation, and you might just be making new life-long friends!

Explore art and D.I.Y. crafts

Without art, the e(art)h is just eh! We have special sections dedicated to art and DIY crafts for you to explore. Get something uniquely yours or learn how to make something yourself. 

Have some fun

Throughout Trunk Sale, there will be music  performances and various activities. We will also be holding mini competitions for the public. You might go home with something new instead!